Wednesday, 21 November 2012

convince yourself otherwise

Skirt and Sheer Kimono - Charity Shop, Boots - Ebay, Crop Top - Asos, Cross Earrings - Primark, Necklaces - Ebay 

I'm stuck for words to write on here today, not too much is going on in my life at the moment because i've decided to go into hibernation for abit in order to save money! i'm spending most of my days lusting after things on the internet, my obsession for bitching and junkfood is ever growing aswell as my christmas list. Currently i'm trying to find an outfit for my works do in december but i've been on countless websites and i just cannot find anything! all the dresses look the same and all the other outfits i'd like to wear probably wouldn't be deemed apropriate. i like shorts and crop tops i just can't help it. 

bye for now :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

90's do.

Belt, Top, Jacket - Charity Shop, Shorts - H&M, Scrunchy - Poundshop, Boots - Ebay 

today, hair wise, I'm trying to embrace my inner spice girl/90's child. needless to say I'm obsessed with 80s/90s looks at the moment, if you follow me on twitter i often moan about wanting to be in the 90s again. platformed shoes, funky hair, crop tops, scrunchies and all that jazz makes me so happy. 

so here's one you've heard before, which i am genuinely going ahead with and have started properly working on is the online vintage store. i say vintage but its more bits of vintage and general second hand stuff i like as i know some people get all up in yo grill when you say vintage when its just your nans hand downs. anyway, when that's closer to opening and I'll let you all know! 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

wanting what i can't have.

 Golf Wang Beanie - Ebay, Tie Dye T shirt - Made By A Friend  Waist Coat - Charity Shop, Denim Dungaree Dress - Topshop, Leopard Flatform Trainers - Office. 

sooo i did theses photos, then i realized how freezing it was outside so i ended up changing my bottom half then adding a layer and got my aunty to photograph it and then below happened!! 

Leggings - Primark, Platform Trainers - Ebay, Coat - Vintage. 

i apologize for the amount of photos in this post! my hairs ended up red, i bought like a bright orange dye but the bastard came out red, my roots are so bright! i really wanted to remain ginge but never trust the box! i should know this by now! however, this does remind me to ask, any beauty bloggers out there or people with generally over died hair like me, what the hell is a good product to recover it! its so dry and horrible at the moment and i don't know what to use, i'm useless when it comes to hair so any treatments and products you can suggest will be much appreciated!

I'm going to watch LA ink now and cry because i want a tattoo but i have no pain thresh hold. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

platform anything.

 Shoes - Ebay, Bag & Jacket - Charity Shop, Cap - Only NY. 

hey look . . . its the side of my outfit! i am wearing a dress and a belt underneath this rather over-sized piece of denim but my front shots were all squinty and wind swept. gots mah legs out cus in the background the sun is actually shining, its still pretty fucking freezing but i'm going with it. hating on my wardrobe at the minute, i've been buying far too many shoes and hats and not enough clothes to go with them! however, gots me a pair of hellbound rip offs on the way (sorry unif, i love you but you hurt my bank) and 3 new beanies to cover my orange roots. in other news, i now have over 200 followers, which is like having an imaginary friend as your only mate to some bloggers but i'm getting there. 
anywaysssss, i wanna say thank you to Meg over at for featuring me as that deffo boosted me over that 200 mark. yoo allll gonna know who she is but if you don't shes fine and got some amazing style going on so check her out! 
bye ho's

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Shoot Day.

 Beanie - Poundland, Turtle Neck Crop Top - Asos, Skirt - Charity Shop, Boots - Primark

sooo, today i went to do some shoot for an event were doing in college, it was in some art gallery, that was pretty coooooool. the whole thing was abit random, i was playing photographer but snuck away to try get some blog snaps then my tutor catches me and next minute i'm being wrapped in chiffon and lights and photographed which is exactly what i was dreading happening, i would show you but there horrific. 
Ps, remind me to invest in fairy lights. 

Example A.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

short and sweet.

shirt and bag - thrifted, belt - mums, hat - poundland, nikes - ebay. 

Another college outfit for ya'll
thats all i gotta say :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

stop looking and you might find.

Top - Ebay, Skirt - American Apparal, Trainers - Nike, Bag - Vintage 

now this aint a post to be proud of, one of these kind of outfits that i find pretty boring and average but people still stare at me as if to say, did you honestly get dressed in complete fucking darkness? i think as known as it is in blogging and fashion world, people still have problems understanding camo. 
boring myself with my style big time lately! i seem to be embracing normalness then i catch up on blogging and instagram and i'm like what am i actually playing at! ive aquired a major love for nike air max's, what the fuck. chav shoes or whatttttt but if you dont already know about dope chef then make yourself aware cus there styling and clothing is insaneeeee and its definitely there fault as to why i know where them. annoying thing is, you can barely even see them? how is it possible that i now have a good camera and i still take shit photos? i have no idea how to use it though, help me :( 

Friday, 10 August 2012

it's 20 minutes 'til showtime, but the backstage is the stage tonight.

 Dress - DIY charity shop, kimono - matalan DIY, bag - holiday, boots - ebay. 

i swear i've been on holiday, how is it actually possible to loose a tan so quickly, i wasn't even this pale before i went? not happy right now, the fake tan is coming out soon for definite. anywayyy, just so everyone knows, this kimono was black and white before i got washing happy when i come back off holiday and let it party in the washing machine a blue sock which it obviously got it on with and now its this kinda light bluey grey colour which i dont actually mind. also this was a caftan i just cut it down the middle and boom, kimono. 
so i was moaning in my last post that i dont like vinatgey looking things recently because of the awkward lengths and all that shit, well i've been getting rather scissor excited recently and decided to get rid of these lengths and now i like vintage again, good times. 
i'll go now, i ramble.
so longggggg! 

heres a cheesy photo of me to make everyone feel better about there lives.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

transparent army.

Dress - Bitching & Junkfood, Jacket - River Island, Necklace - Topshop, Shoes - Nike, Bag - Ayia Napa

hello love of my life dress, hello love of my life jacket, which combined together could pass me for a role in Matrix. my hearts been set on this dress since the moment bitching and junkfood created it but the hole in my pocket it was gonna burn was too much to handle, but i caved, oops. Then i seen this jacket, which is exactly what i've always wanted in a leather jacket and once again i couldn't control my self and now my bank balance is crying. 
sorry i keep disappearing, i'm getting far too good at not blogging. my styles changed alot recently, the unthinkable has happened and i've just gone off vintage?! there's something about poorly fitting clothing and ankle grazing granny skirts that doesn't satisfy me anymore. i go through these fazes though, i'm sure the more i start getting back into blogging the weirder i'll become again but at the moment i don't feel like i wear anything that might even slightly interest you all so i haven't bothered posting. moan moan moan. speaking of, is something i'm gonna do less on here now, i can hear the screams of joy sounding from you all. 
i'll attempt to post again soon :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

if i had something witty to say, i'd write it here.

top - ebay, skirt - charity shop, belt - next, backpack - charity shop, cross necklace - topshop, creepers - ebay. 
 i would say these photos aint bad for an iphone! better than some of the cameras ive had to put up with using anyway! but hopefully, as of tonight this is the last of the moaning about bad quality photos because Georgia's gettin a DSLR, courtesy of my uncle woooooo! he's got himself a new one so i'm getting his other one, so a massive thank you going out to the Bell household! i'm gonna have no idea how to work it but who cares!! so about this outfit, i've wanted something with flames on for ages, i'm obsessed by flames at the moment but they are proving hard to find, and i love Harley Davidson stuff then BAM, the two collided and i got my little weirdo hands on this! as for this skirt, i've been lusting after the one in h&m for a while, its longer and more sheer and a slightly different animal print and yes, its hev but being the bargain hunter i am i wasn't willing to pay £20whateverquid it was for it knowing that after some vintage rooting i would find one cheaper, and i did, in the form of 1 whole pound. 
speaking of vintage, i'm currently trying to tidy my room (not going well seen as i'm blogging) and i decided to start by putting all my vintage items i've been collecting into one bag instead of having it all sprawled across my room, turns out, its adds up to 4 bags and i had forgotton half the beauties i've found, i know alot of the stuff aint to alot of peoples taste but i love it all and i hope you guys do to. i really really really need to get my ass into gear for this store, i just have alot going on at the moment with moving out, finishing all my stuff off for college this year, the headband collection and my new job role, yes, Georgia is a now a supervisor! as i've said, i'm hoping maybe late next week for the headbands, and then, god, i don't even know for the store, i don't have a name, a model, or the time to shoot! why don't any of you sexy bloggers live next to me so i can get you all involved and dress you up! i think i'm gonna get a diary and start planning stuff in so then things i keep saying i wanna do, get planned in and then ACTUALLY HAPPEN. surprisingly i'm good at time keeping and organizing things, its getting off my ass to do those things i struggle with. motivational pills anyone? 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


beanie - ebay, bag - vintage, swimsuit - vintage, shorts - american apparel and mah DIY'in, nikes - from the boyf.

Now it really had been a while! i'm sorry for disappearing for so long but i can genuinely say this is the first actual outfit i have worn since my last post. i have been working loads and then i went to my auntys caravan so that consisted of uggs and all other mingin warm outfits. i have so so so sooo many blogs to catch up on so i'm sorry that i haven't been commenting or anything like that either! between working, college, the caravan and sleep, i've been working on my flower crowns, i hope people want one cus theyve been taking me for bloody ever! there rather big statement pieces, i wore one today and i got them 'alien' looks people tend to give me everyday anyway. i'm hoping to have them for sale by next week, i just wanna get them shot properly and all finished off. 
consdiering i've been away for a while i don't have too much to say....
so for once in my blogging life i'll shut up and go!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

i want you to save me.

maxi dress - next, necklaces - all ebay, feather earing - ebay, waistcoat - charity shop. 

yayyy a proper post! not fantastic as i was having a family BBQ and had to run outside to do these. so heres this favourite hairstyle ive been going on about, ridicccc easy! my hair like it again today, its just such a lazy style but i love it. i will have to post my outfit for what i was wearing today some time soon, i feel like i look really patriotic because nobody else in the pub iv'e been in was really in spirit but i'm not really. i'm not doing anything for the jubilee really, i wish i was but theres nothing much going on. boooo. 

what ya'll thinkin of the new jewelry, i'm pretty made up with it, especially the moon, I've been after a moon necklace forevverrrrrrr. i'd link it to you guys but i gots the last one, if its ever restocked i'll be sure to let youno. also, this jacket, well, i say jacket, it was but then i cut it because the shape wasn't too flattering, is one of my new loves too. pretty colours and pretty patterns, this is the kinda stuff i like pounce on when i see it in a chairty shop, a whole £1.50 it cost me. bank breakerrrr. 

well, i'll be off, i've got to get ready for something else now, i don't want to though because once again i have no night out clothes, sooo annoying, i'm wearing my creepers to a club and i don't care, i have no decent heels, i can never ever ever find dresses i like and heels make my legs look weird anyway so yeh, usual tramp look it is! 

one more thing, i also was told something today thats annoying me, its pretty harmless and theres always two sides but its one of those things where your like, oh right. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

path to no where.

Cap - Boy London, Tshirt - Pop Boutique, Bag - Charity Shop, Creepers - Ebay, Necklaces - Ebay.

Yooooo (that felt appropriate to start off with seen as i'm feeling gangstaaaa for wearing this cap) i said i'd do this post with this cap a lonnnggg time ago but then i bought something else then another thing then another thing and before i new it, i had abandoned the poor thing. i'm a little bit in love with Boy London at the moment, i'm hoping Shaun buys the black cap so i can steal it off him. i have a patent black obey cap to show you guys too, sounds weird right? patent cap? but we like weird! speaking of weird, how fucking cool is this t shirt, tie dye with some like crazy alien thing on it, i got it from Pop Boutique when i was in Manchester, Shaun was kinda like rightttttttt, and what would you wear that with? pink socks and leopard creepers is the obvious answer of course. i love the colours in it, i want some more tie dye tshirts but seen as its 'on trend' now they've all shot up in price, grrrrrr. 
Feeling abit stuck in a rut at the moment, i hate college, it feels so pointless but everyone wants you to have further education qualifications behind you these days so its like i have to stick it out, even though its not even what i want to do anymore. money wise, i have it but it seems to just be disappearing, going into holidays when actually i've got a giant insurance payment coming to bite me on the ass soon then an MOT and all that stupid car shit. i hate hate HATE being skint because that means relying on other people and thats like my worst bloody nightmare. Its all making me not want to go New York so my money can be MY MONEY, how crazy is that, how could i not want to bloody go?! money ey, fucking bastard. so yes, its leaving me feeling all confused and annoyed, 'i'm 18 i've got plenty of time' yes ino thats what people will say but i wanna get on whatever path i'm supposed to be on NOW. Its one of them, i know where i wanna be i just don't know how to get there things. people say to me, what do you wanna do, i'm like, start my own clothing label and there like erm yehhhhh. cus yes, i know thats something alot of us wanna do and its that kind of, 'i wanna be a pilot', 'i wanna be a footballer' answer you give when your 5 but its what i want and i will do, i just don't have the tiniest clue how to yet. 

why am i even up? ... actually, i'll answer that, i'm supposed to be doing coursework, i haven't, it's in tommorow. yayyyy can't wait for the morning! :|
 au-revoir guys xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

But you've got all you know written on your skin

headband- made it mahhselfff, silver necklace -miss selfridge, elephant necklace - ebay, swimwear - vintage.

now heres something i wish were cool - high waist bikinis. i think they attempted to make a come this year when katy perry wore one but i haven't seem many around so i'm thinking maybe next year for this one. however, this kinda swimwear is from an era where wearing a skimpy excuse of a bikini and having a stick body wasn't cool. how good does that sound? if you ask me this kinda bikini is the most flattering, they show shape which is attractive, none of this bones shiz. now i am aware there not the best tan lines to have i like that it hides shit so who cares! 
ahhhhh i feel so exposed in this post, i'm sorry if i offend anyones eyes, i offend my own 99.9% of the time hahaha
i'll keep it short today and leave you with some photos of how its really done! 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

some boring old outfits and a bbq :)

i.m gonna start with the cupcakes :) they are by my aunty, shes amazing! this doesn't really showcase her talent as they were tester colour cupcakes she just through some icing on for the bbq we were having. But if you want to see some of her amazing creations then heres her facebook page 

so i had a bit of a go at head peices today, all tunnel vision inspired, how amazing are brit and madeline, those two girls never fail to amaze me with there outfits and there unreal jewelry and then they open this sick ass shop selling the most beautiful things ever with the coolest styling ever seen. 
the flower crown was abit of a pain with all the wire and shiz and took me quite a while but hard work pays off :)

so i'm having a giant case of style block at the moment, honestly i just cannot piece an outfit together.  for one i'm pale as hell and i'm trying to just sun bed to build a tan for holiday so i cant put any fake tan which is killing me because some outfits i really feel i need a tan for! 2, i can't bear my fringe already and 3, i have like no clothes, i've give up half my wardrobe for the vintage store and all my money is going into my holiday wardrobe. argh moan moan moan but its really annoying me, i keep seeing things that inspire me but i can't seem to style at all!! i hope this doesnt last long! i can't bear half the stuff i walk out the house in at the moment!