Tuesday, 13 March 2012

another dreary day...

Picnik Blanket Wrap - Next, Snow Leopard Bralet - Primark, Large Cross - Topshop, Other Crosses - EBay
Cross Earing - Yayer Leggings - Vintage, Creepers - Ebay

sooooo thee extentions are back! they look rather scruffy but i hadn't posted an outfit in TWO WHOLE DAYS! so i was trying to throw this all together this morning before my dreaded trip to the dentist, ahhh i fucking hate the dentist. the minute i got in there i was signing forms to say i was ok with having a filling which i certainly wasn't, i was almost crying once i'd signed it in fear as i have never had a filling before and my friend so kindly told me that they drill through your gums and teeth before i was going in. . . . they didn't, i had something tiny drill thing that just vibrated on my teeth and what looks like some white shit put over the top, no injections, no ruptured gums or anything! happy days! you all wanted to know about all that right?

so this picnik looking blanket looking thing i'm wearing i actually really love, its easy to throw on with leggings for trips to the dentist and stuff like that i got it from wear i work (next clearance) for 8quids which i was pretty pleased with! (there are some perks to that job) and speaking of bargains that little bralet i'm wearing was reduced to £3 in Primark not long ago so i had to have that too! sucker for a bargain i am!

anyway i must be goingggg! i have a date in the pub with a friend and i don't wanna wear this and it could take me a looongggg while to choose another outfit!

oh and by the way, when i sat down in that evil moving chair at the dentist the assisant said to me 'oh my god i love your shoes!' (my creepers) i almost passed out, never did i think somebody in the town would like those platform bastard of a shoe!


~ katie rebecca noble ~ said...

I adore this outfit, especially the wrap thing and the creepers.
SO lovely!

Poppy Male said...

this outfit is AMAZINGGG I LOVE IT :) love the necklace i have one similar and love it xx

Georgia said...

thank you guys!!xxxx

rachel said...

love the leopard print and plaid combination!!

Georgia said...


Monja said...

great look!