Friday, 16 March 2012

i never have anything exciting to put here

velvet shirt - charity shop, stripe skirt - Kharise Francis, scarf belt - charity shop, tights - next, creepers - Ebay

hey ya'll this is the first of the two outfit post i'm doing today because i didn't do one on Thursday and this is what i actually wore on Thursday so i wanted to show you all! once again most of it from charity shops but i bought this skirt of a designer called Kharise Francis when i was at the clothes show, shes one cool looking soul herself and i loved this skirt when i seen it and it was the last day which is when things get reduced so it was only £8! when i first got to her stall and was looking round i was attracted to the jumper she has marker penned herself with one sayin M is for murder which i thought was funkayyy.

anyway, can you see what i've done to my hair? i platted it as to not give to much away in this post but in the next one you will see the colorfulness of it! i hope you like it, i do!
bye for now!


Lydia said...

can I pinch this outfit please?! gorgeous. x

Viki. said...

LOVE the velvety blouse- gorgeous.x

Georgia said...

thanks guys!!xxx

Oliver Dreher said...

I am interested in the velvet shirt
I could buy it from them.
I pay what they want.
I offer 150 to 200 euros for one.
or what they want.
please write back