Wednesday, 21 March 2012

the only thing white about these photos is my bodayy

Denim Jacket - GAP(charity shop), Dress - Next, Sunglasses - Primark, Creepers - Ebay, Silver Necklaces - Wavy Jewelry, Rings - All Ebay, Cross Neclace - Topshop, Other Necklaces - DIY Ebay, Belt - The Mother's

yay yay yayyy! no underlining today! god knows why it was being a bastard to me yesterday!
anyway, how are all the earthlings out there doing? i'm cold, i've just been stood outside in this vest maxi dress freezing my balls off! what do you guys think of the dress? ino ino its nothing specail but its a liiitttllleee bit long for me because its a tall so can't work out if it just looks to big but it was reduced to £3 so i wasn't gonna say no! i've been to college this morning, as usual iv'e had some right funny looks, to be honest i don't get the problem, theyv'e been reallly shitty ones today, i'm like iv'e worn more outrageous things than a bloody black maxi dress?! i really don't think people like creepers round here though, well i no they don't, people look at me in disgust, i find it funny. maybe its the hair, i don't know but i sure as hell don't care. i really do hate were i live, so so so so sooooo much! if you follow me on twitter you may see that i often state this and ask for somebody somewhere to just come and relocate me. moan moan moan, god i don't shut up do i?!

anyway, i updated my about me page, i don't know if anybody's ever read it because in all honesty i had forgot about it myself but yeh, its gots some new shiz in there. check it out if you wanna :)

swear guys i'm gonna stop rambling in a minute but just 1 more thing, and i don't mean to be rude because i appreciate all the amazing comments people leave me, they really do make me happy! but i'm not into this whole if you look at my blog and follow me then i'll follow you back. maybe its just me, but if i like a blog, i like it, so i follow it and i wouldn't only start to follow it if they were gonna follow me back. i want people to follow me because they like looking on here and i think that if you only wanna follow me to get a follow back then you obviously don't care about seeing my posts? am i right? am i wrong? god knows, thats just the way i feel. ahhh i really don't wanna seem shitty about this but i just don't dig the whole sitch!

sorry that this outfit is boring today, i was in a rush to get to college on time (i was still late) and now i'm in a rush to get to work!

i'm gonna shut up, somebody sellotape me.



Sweet Monday said...

I don't know how I haven't come across your blog before, it's lovely. And I LOVE your hair, amazing!

Now following :) x

sweet monday
sweetmonday shop

rachel said...

I totally agree! It feels so pandering when people are like, 'I followed you, soo...." Following is about appreciating someones content, you know? Anyhow, this outfit is lovely, and your hair really pops against the black dress

Em said...

i love reading your blog, your hair is fab!

bravegrrl said...

love this! simple and grunge... and your hair!

2ndHandCinderella said...

Your hair is beyond amazing,beautiful blog :) x

Ginger Pickle said...

I agree I hate when people say i've followed you maybe you should follow me'.

On a lighter note, your jacket is amazing! I might have to trawl through the charity shops to find one like it!

Ginger Pickle ♥


Georgia said...

i'm glad you guys get what i'm saying and thanks for all the lovely comments!

AmyBell said...

You look like a massive babe in these photos, love the second one especially! uhh I hate that following thing, I was actually just having a rant to my boyfriend about it yesterday!! xx

Drea said...

LOVE this outfit! I think it's definitely time to get the maxi dresses out of hibernation - good call!

Drea xo

Law said...

your hair is bloody amazing !!!

Cheap Kicks said...

I totally agree, I hate the comments that say 'love your blog, why don't you visit mine and we can follow each other'
Sometimes I do follow but only because I actually like their blogs but it's so annoying if they liked your blog in the first place why not just follow argh! rant over xxx

ronan said...

love this dress!xxx

Sarah said...

lovelovelove this outfit! fab blog too :)

TracyJackson said...

love this outfit !!

Diamond Solitaire said...

Your outfit is amazing and so is your style!!

shyla xx

Justalazymorning said...

you're so cute and your hair are pretty amazing

Ida said...

Wow, you hair is so amazing! I didn't notice it until I got to this post – it stands out against the black dress. Super cool!