Monday, 26 March 2012

the professor kimono

long kimono-charity shop, t-shirt - Ebay vintage store, shorts - DIY american apparal, ring and necklaces - Ebay, creepers -Ebay

ahhhh dear, i really don't dig these photos, i don't no what it is or if you guys ever get this to but i just don't feel like i look like myself at the moment?! weird ino, but i really don't like it! strange stuff.
anywayssss, thanks to everyone who took the time to read my last blog post and commented aswell i really appreciate it guys!
so i won't bore you with all the details but dealing with some annoying shit right now, which actually comes into play with what i was talking about in my last blog post, because honestly, if the internet didn't exist and the human to human communication walls were down or even existent in the first place then all of this could of been prevented.
about this outfit then, i got this tie dye t-shirt off ebay, its like a nasa one or something and next to the heart and peace sign there's and astronought but my hair covers it, i hacked off the sleeves too. speaking of hacking, my boyfriend but me these american apparel shorts for something stupid like £48 for me to then cut them up, rip them, draw in marker pen on them and glue leopard crosses too. i think he's impressed?
i've always wanted one of these long kimono things but didn't have a clue where to get one then on one of my regular charity shop visits i stumbled across this one for a pound!

i'm gonna be quiet now because i keep miss typing things cus i'm tired, (the next two day sales really is a killer)


Laura said...

lovely kimono!

xoxo Laura

meg lea said...

So cute x

Sarah said...

loving the top!

Abby said...

I adore that bracelet you've got on!! Where is it from? xx

Diamond Solitaire said...

Great look!! I love your ombre! How did you do it??

Shyla xx

Maruschka said...

love your hair!

xxx maruschka

indie by heart said...

Cool look, even though you don't like the photos I think they're great & so are you! ^^ Those shorts (jeans) look really cool now, no need to feel bad about rpping them :D I need to do the same thing for one or two pairs of jeans myself..Good thing I've bought them all myself hehe ;)

- Indie by Heart

Jo said...

LOVE your blog so much. You have ace style. FOLLOWED! Swing by my style blog and follow back if you like :)

sugacane said...

Loving this outfit and ur hair is fab!!!!!!! Great blog now following ya :)

Diana x

Em said...

wowowowow i have been looking for a maxi style cardi for soooo long. Very jealous you found this in a charity shop!!! Looks great!xx

Monja said...

like it

Jen said...

very jel of your kimono.

J x