Saturday, 10 March 2012

that's better!

Fur Coat - Vintage, Tights - Next, Creepers - Ebay, Mesh&Lace Dress - Asos, Shirt - Charity shop, Shades - Primark, Necklaces - DIY and Topshop.

hi guysss! so this s actually my outfit post from yesterday but i was in work and then i ended up having a bottle a wine, before i new it i was drunk and out of complete sensibility i decided trying to post this outfit intoxicated might not be a good idea!

sooo, i was feeling abit shit about my photos and myself in general in my last post but with some nice comments of some fellow amazing bloggers i decided to shut the fuck up moaning and drag my boyfriend to Chester to take some photos in a nicer location than my garden! not that my garden isn't nice! by the time we actually got to Chester the sun had gone in and it was ridiculously windy, like i spent most of the time holding my hair out of my face. we ended up taking around 130 photos because Shaun thinks its funny to just take random ones when hes not even looking.

i'm not gonna ramble to much about my outfit today but i am gonna explain how this cute little dress came about, i was having a rummage round ebay and came something that i can't actually remember what and thought i would take a look at the sellers others items and found this, i loved it and it was only 3.99 with no bids on so i was planning on bidding on it when it was near the end, being me, i forgot, so i emailed the seller to see if i could do a buy it now and they did straight away for me. when i looked at the description on the item there was a link to a fashion blog and thats where i ended up laying eyes on Hannah May Rose, a very stylish vintage blogger from london. looking through her blog she was advertising the launch of her online vintage store called Trash, i advise you all to take a look theres some great peices on there! so anywayyyy, i wanna thank ya for the dress Hannah!

if you wanna check out her blog -
if you wanna spend some pennies -

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Hannah said...

Just noticed your tweet and checked out your blog - I love it! You have amazing style & I'm getting some serious outfit envy!
Thank you for the mention :)
Much love,
x Hannah

PS: the dress looks awesome on you!