Tuesday, 20 March 2012

about time!

Top - River Island, Cross Necklaces - Asos, Skirt - Romwe, Creepers - Ebay

hey guys, i'm sorry i've been blog neglectful over the past three days, i was in work saturday and sunday and both days ended up being extended because loads of people rang in sick. more money for meeee! anyway, i didnt get to go out on saturday night like i said i wanted to in the below post, i was bailed on and it came as no fucking surprise. i've been struggling to get photos within daylight hours so i think i'm gonna start just doing them outside at night as well because with work and college i just dont get time in the day to take pictures.

so if i'm honest with your guys i'm pretty disappointed with these photos! the reason being is because i have no eyelashes on! i live in eyelashes and i feel naked without them, i havent had chance to go get some more and i'm hating life without them! also, i'm as pale as anything and my skins gone shit over the weekend, awww man what happening to me!? shut up moaning georgia.

HOWEVER, look at this skirt, i loves it! i'm actually not wearing anything from a charity shop today! i got this skirt off ROMWE, if you ask me not enough people in the UK are aware of this website and with free shipping we bloody need to be, maybe i'm lieing but ino nobody round here knows it exists. i was literally bouncing out of my seat when i seen this skirt, i have a galaxy print obsession but everything seems to be either too expensive or just tacky when it comes to this print so my god was i mad up when i seen this skirt for £21! there was another one with a mullet hem which was in my shopping basket too until i realized i'm completely skint and needed to be sensible.

i have a lot to do today, oh my god what is with this underline!? i dont no how to get it off it just stopped and now its terrorizing me again! what the helllll. right! as i say i have a lot to do i best be off!
byeeeeeeee xxx


rachel said...

that skirt is calling my name, i fucking LOVE space. and this post is hilarious, that underline didn't want to let you go, but it makes everything look way more important. hah. and also, I totally can't tell that you're not wearing false eyelashes, you look lovely as always.

Tigerlilly said...

gorgeous outfit!! x

Georgia said...

haha i no the minute i started typing it wouldnt go away! strangeee, but thank you to you both :)

Drea said...

Amaaazing outfit, that skirt is fabulous!
Following :)

Drea xo

BABYFACE said...

Gorgeous skirt! Love your hair too - its like amazing :) Just came across your blog - definitely following :) xo

AmyBell said...

That skirt's an absolute beaut! And you look lovely without eyelashes you crazy cat xx

Ginger Pickle said...

You look gorge, love this skirt so much, think it works so well with your creepers too!

Ginger Pickle ♥


Michelle Jiafang said...

These photos are just amazing!! the skirt is fabulous!! <3

Yasmin; said...

Oh my the skirt you're wearing is AMAZING & I absolutely adore your hair... just found your blog & I am going to be spending my week going through all your posts :) x

The Chic Etoile said...

I'm in love with this outfit!!! The shoes are stunning...I want them!! :)

Take a look to my blog: If you like it we could follow each other!!! :)
Let me know on my blog :)
Hope you love it!!! ;)

Much love from:

Kate S said...

Oh my! Your hair with that outfit looks awesome!


Mo said...

This dress looks perfect on you! Love your hair too! x

Georgia said...

ahhh thank you thank you thank you guys!!!
your all so lovely! :)

Elena Grey said...

Hi! I really like your blog♥
I am an aspiring alternative model and have just started mine could you check it out and tell me what you think?
I will certainly follow you back if you do by the way,
Go on blogging my dear!

little moon lover said...

awesome skirt!!
I've never bought anything at ROMWE but have seen some pretty cool stuff..maybe I'll get on to their site right now.. stay cool!

Chelsea Jade said...

I adore this skirt!! I've checked out Romwe a few times just never ordered anything, very tempted now!

Jennaay_ said...

Aww haha I've got that skirt too:

I totally love your fashion! Kudos to you! Also, are those extensions you put in? So epic! xxx