Thursday, 22 March 2012

warning: picture overload dollsss

Dress - chairty shop, sunlgasses - primark, creepers - ebay, necklaces and rings - Ebay

i'll start with an apologie, so, sorry for overloading you guys with so many photos. hope you accept it :)

so i'm looking abit of a rainbow today, but i likes it, this is another one of my £1.50 dresses from a charity shop. to be particular with the charity shop, i go to the hospice, like most days, i just cant help it! its huge and i go past it on the way to college and its not often you can go into a shop with 4 quid in your purse and come out with loads! the amount i spend in there is becoming ridiculous though, my wardrobe is bursting! i don't no where this long dress obsession has come from, a few months ago i lived in shorts which would make it winter but honestly i did, just shorts and tights no matter what, i wouldnt even consider a maxi dress, i really hated them. but iv'e turned over a new leaf and now i'm probably pissin you guys off with the 3 i've worn in the past 4 post, i only have one more left to show you all dont worry!

so for any of you that didn't know which i'm sure most of you do, #fbloggers started last night, how amazing is that! i'd been hoping for this hashtag because i'm not good with all this beauty shit and i love seeing new fashion blogs, and the best thing is, its a twice weekly chat! yayyy for fashion bloggers! (sad i no)

i'm feeling cheery today, next are paying me a early which is tomorrow instead of Monday because we go into sale this weekend and they let us have out money so we can buy things in it. i literally have £3.20 to my name so this is fantastic news for me. i can tell everyone is sharing my excitment? :|

i'm gonna go, but can i just say i love you all, fashion bloggers are rapidly becoming my favorite kind of people, i swear i am not as nice to anybody round here than i am to all you guys! i just loves ya's! yous make me happy!


Ginger Pickle said...

Love your dress, you have such amazing style! Really jealous you have creepers, I can't afford a pair right now! £1.50 for the dress OMG. BARGAIN!

I'm also excited about the #fbloggers thingy but don't really know all the scoop yet as to when the chats are etc!

Ginger Pickle ♥


Fowzee said...

love the outfit, you hair is amazing,


Ruby-May said...

I love the colours and print of the dress! I have a charity shop near me too that's super cheap and I always come out with bags bursting at the seams, love your hair too Xx

jade said...

you look so hot!! hair+dress= serious colour porn going on. lowly. darling- jade xxx

Georgia said...

thank you guys! :D xxxx

Yasmin; said...

this dress is gorgeous, loove that you have sunnies out- can't wait to get mine out x

Georgia said...

there was about 15 minutes of sun today so i took advantage! hahah xxx

Hannah said...

Fabulous bright and cheery! You look great

AmyBell said...

I'm so jealous of your dress - what a find! Ah the colours are so nice and summey, roll on the nice weather! xx

indie by heart said...

Gorgeous dress girl ! OH and I just fell in love with your hair :D I've seen these coloured ones on blondes and you're the first brunette whose tip dyed hair I ADORE. :>

I might have to follow you now :D
Have a great weekend,

- Indie by Heart

Ps. My birthday Giveaway :)

little moon lover said...

the colors and that dress look awesome on you, can't believe you found it in a charity shop.. and must say your hair rocks.. love it!
I'll be back soon, stay cool!

meg lea said...

This dress is gorgeous, as are you! Just stumbled across your blog and I love it, definitely followed x

Charmaine Cowland said...

Your hair is gorgeous; i've never seen a double-coloured dip dye! (ps, new follower..)

*Frilly Socks And Docs* said...

Love the colours in your hair and dress ! I love finding little gems in charity shops, its quite a fun hobby xx

rach_t said...

lots of photos are good! you look fab and that dress is uh-maze-ing! :D xx

Sara Louise. said...

love your dress, hair and blog! I know what you mean about charity shops I am obsessed with them. literally just stumbled across you and so glad I did! so pretty xxx