Wednesday, 25 April 2012

prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Black Beanie - POUNDLAND! Jumper - H&M, Belt & Skirt - Charity Shop, Bag - Vintage, Creepers - Ebay

Another long skirt, another indoor post = another shit rainy day in Enland. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

when i said the last post was photo heavy, i totally ment this one.

Looking like a top class tourist with a back pack, side bag and a camera flashing everywhere i visited.

Bag - Urban Outfitters, Creepers - Ebay, Shorts - Charity Shop then DIY, Top - Charity shop, Leather Jacket & Hat - H&M

OKKKKKKK, i'm officially done with this visual diary-ing shit i've been piling on you all recently! As i keep saying, i just love this part of Manchester so i wanted to capture it all for you! so basically on this street there loads of cool vintage stores, quirky boutiques and chilled cafes. As if all that isn't good enough, then, THEN! you get too Afflecks, the bottom of this photo is just a snippit of the place but its like the most beautiful maze of vintage and amazing clothing you could ever wanna get lost in, i could honestly photo it all but i get too lost in excitement in there and forget. It is all in sections, its verrrryyy confusing, it seems to go on forever, floor after floor and shop leading through to shop then other hidden bits, its just great. Majoirty are independent designers ranging from jewelry, vintage, there own customization's, tattoos, badges & patches, just all sorts of things that make me extremely jel anyway. Any form of creative talent and fashion sense you feel you have just seems to wash away in there, as much as i love it, the place makes me feel like shit. Some people can DIY some god damn beautiful things, i wanted to buy sooooo much! so guys, if your ever in Manchester, detour to there, you won't regret it. Also as you can see i went to pop boutique, i loveeee it in there, so many cool things, theres one in Liverpool too but i always forget to go when i'm there. oh and i don't know how many stores there are but for those of you that go the clothes show or even have a store next to you then you may have heard of Blue Rinse? everything in there is magicallllll, the shorts the dresses, the shirts!! arghhh so nice! i seen this giant leather slouch bag with a few spikes on, i needed it in my life but i had just about already blown all shauns money. Anywayyyy, i'm gonna stop rambling about how much i think i need but actually don't i literally have fights and have to wrestle with my wardrobe to get something in, and i literally don't have space for one more item in there now it's got so bad. darnnnnnn.
next post will be a decent outfit one, if it stops frikkin hale stoning!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Night In Manchester- Alot Of Hat, Alot Of Walking, Alotta Vintage And A Hell Of Alot Of Food!

 Jelly Tots - Treats For The Train, Yummmmm
 Shaun And His Serious Face

Travelling Down Outfit, I Was Extremely Cold!
 Another Long Skirt, More Hat And Some More Shit Quality Indoor Photos 

 Art In The Toilets At The Night And Day Cafe Manchester 
 Greg Holden - Literally Couldn't Get Any Photos Of Him On Stage, Awful Camera!

Shit I Took Photos Of In The Toilets, Most Inspiring Toilet Cubicle I've Come Across!

PHOTO HEAVY OR WHAAAAAT?! and i've got more too come tomorrow, i'm sure that pleases you guys alot :|. i dno, do you guys like abit of a visual diary or not? I know its been abit of a regular thing for me at the moment but its only because i've actually had plans for once! normal outfit posts will be returning tuesday/wednesdayish. 
soooo, i stayed in Manchester for the night on Friday, i was watching Greg Holden, again and then because we love the particular street where it is that the venue he performs in is, we stayed over night to do some shopping the next day, all the shopping photos come tommorow. Basically, i'm gonna have abit of a rant about Greg now. I have never related so much to an artist in my life, his lyrics basically describe what i could never find the words to say myself. There not all songs about love and all that shit, but feeling like you have to prove yourself, not wanting to settle for things when you have bigger dreams, moving away and having to learn things all over again. I could honestly just sing this guys praises all day and i'm gonna, his voice, its insane, and its like no other artists i could name, he's ridiculously powerful and note perfect. If there's one thing i'd tell everyone to do if they get the chance is to go see him live, go. You don't have to know all his songs and all the words, he will literally just captivate you with his voice and lyrics. He's just too fucking talented, he is genuinely even better live aswell, how is that even possible?
Ok Georgia enough.  
Over to the fashion side of it all i bought this hat from H&M, it hasnt left my head yet, it goes with far too much! I have bought soooooo many long skirts at the moment, there all a pound at the charity shop i go too, and there are so many prints i've been snapping up. half of them don't fit but just belt them and your good to go! Also, this little lace thing i'm wearing in the first outfit is from H&M, i've wanted a lace bra thing to go under crop tops i've made too short for a while and this once is perfect, i reallllly didn't wanna wear a bra, its takes away from how pretty it actually is and you cant actually see through it that much but yeh, its a bit inappropriate, gonna have to get a skin coloured bra! 
before i finally shut myself up, i'd like to declare my love for Oldham Street Manchester and the Night and Day Cafe, if i could live just on the street and have no need to venture out of it and see the rest of this uninspiring, judgmental country, i would. I'm yet to go to Camden yet though i i've been told that could change everything!
ps, new blogger is ruining my life, i fucking hate it, i've had to re do this post 6 times!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

another visual diary, another shit outfit post

for those of you who are Beatles fans :) ^^

i wish i could say i was drunk

basically everything charity shop, even sunnies, then some DIY bar the shoes :)
soo this is a quick one as i am going to see the guy i seen in this post, again tonight in Manchester. here i'm in Liverpool, it was amazing, another amazing venue. i'm actually staying in Manc tonight and then going the northern quarter shopping tommorow, i looooooooooove the northern quarter! i can hear it calling my name! gotta run, ive got a train to catch!!! have a good weekend guys :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

sweet talking liar

leather skirt - H&M, crop top, primark vest DIY, tights - next, hat - H&M, shirt - charity shop, boots - ebay

Soooo bit of a visual diary of a gig i went to last night, ino the photos arn't the best quality but my camera barely does outdoors let alone indoors in darkness. I had red eye in all the ones of me not taken in the mirror but i hope you guys don't mind :)
I went too see Jay Nash at The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool, i love Jay Nash, he's got suchhhh an amazing voice, he's quite country which isn't really my thing but he just sounds so good and anybody that can captivate you with just there voice and a guitar, well, they deserve a bigger fucking crowd i'll say that much. He was with a girl called Garrison Starr, who's voice is also amazing and very lyrically talented. I love the Shipping Forecast its such a cool intimate venue, Liverpool's full of hidden gig venues that are really quirky. I'm just a sucker for an acoustic set in a cool place really. I seen Jay last year when i went to watch Greg Holden who i'm also die hardly going to watch in Liverpool on Thursday AND Manchester on Friday, Shaun is insistent on going both he's obsessesed with Greg and swears he will do a different set each night. I'm not complaining, Greg's amazing and i fucking love Manchester and the Venue he's in.
Anywayyy this is a fashion blog enough of the music talk Georgia. Not that you can properly get the idea of what i'm wearing from a unclear mirror shot, basically i'm wearing like an oatmeal vest, the wrong way round so its high neck and ive cut it to a crop top. It was about to take a voyage in a bin bag to the charity shop but i had a brainwave cus i liked the colour and i love American Apparels sleeveless oatmeal turtle neck and it had that feel without the overpriced price tag. Plus a few weeks ago i made my own life when i finally bloody found the H&M pleated leather skirt! Last one in the shop, randomly plonked somewhere, size 10, kinda too big but i had to have it!! The i just through this shirt over cus it matched the colours, and then my usual things like boots, fishnet tights and my cross necklace (you can't see that).
I wanna say a big thank you to everyone that commented and supported me on my last post, it really means alot! and its comforting to know i'm not the only one sometimes! you guys are babesssss.
ps, have you lot heard of smut clothing? if you haven't, make yourself aware with it, all i'm saying is naughty vicar tee and spiked cap, NEED IN MY LIFE NOW.