Tuesday, 3 April 2012

i am existent

Velvet shirt and jumper - charity shop, giant bow headband - next, tights - next, socks - who knows! boots - ebay

wowwww its been a lonnnnng time ok its approaching a week and that a long time to not blog for me! me excuse is is that i have been trying to actually catch up on all my coursework, ive been working like mad and then when i'm not i'm just far to tired to do anything else. butttttt, its the easter holiday, which i'm working the majority through but gonna try and post most days!
so last time i left on a bit of a depressing note, i'm just trying to be happy now, i spend so much of my life overthinking and just not being happy its ridiculous. i learnt to just go with the feeling and almost like it but ino thats wrong. the people and things you surround yourself with are the things that affect you the most, and if the affect isnt good then take them away. i'm starting to realize life is about taking time, take time, for the people you love and who make you happy, take time for yourself, take time to take out the people who don't take time for you. thats alotta time taking right? but its true, if we could live by this abit more then i'm sure we would all be alot happier.
so my new boots came, i fucking love them. loads. my mum hates them, i dont care, they are fantastic in my eyes, i got them off ebay from china but they actually came pretty quick! i think i might eventually order another pair incase i ruin these from too much wear! oh and i went to the charity shop as per yesterday, the last time i went i came out empty handed and was like what the fuckkkkk, but i spent 13 quid in there yesterday and my goddd did i get alot, i got a beautifullll brown fur coat, 2 skirts, 5 tops, thee above jumper and another jacket. i've ruined one of the skirts trying to cut it already :( but for a pound i'm feeling ok about it. could not believe it when i saw the fur coat for a fiver, it will soon be summer but was i hell gonna not buy it!
anyways, i've got shampoo and conditioner to buy, farewell!

ps, i'm fully aware this is the most slouchy boring outfit i could of come back after a week with, but hey, the suns gone again and its cold out, i needed warmth of this giant jumper!


helenlouise said...

I love this outfit, best jumper! Those boots look frickin awesome on you but would look terrible on me haha. You should do a haul of your charity shop purchases! First thing I'm going to do when my student loan comes in is hit the charity shops!

Kerix said...
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Que said...

Cute outfit, you are so beautiful.


Abby said...

Love the boots!! x

AmyBell said...

This isn't a boring outfit a all - you look amazing! Love the big bow xx

bravegrrl said...

sooo cute! love it!

Jo said...

I absolutely love this look! You have inspired me!!

Zoe Amelia said...

Just discovered your blog and love it!! Loving your style!! Definitely following :)