Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Night In Manchester- Alot Of Hat, Alot Of Walking, Alotta Vintage And A Hell Of Alot Of Food!

 Jelly Tots - Treats For The Train, Yummmmm
 Shaun And His Serious Face

Travelling Down Outfit, I Was Extremely Cold!
 Another Long Skirt, More Hat And Some More Shit Quality Indoor Photos 

 Art In The Toilets At The Night And Day Cafe Manchester 
 Greg Holden - Literally Couldn't Get Any Photos Of Him On Stage, Awful Camera!

Shit I Took Photos Of In The Toilets, Most Inspiring Toilet Cubicle I've Come Across!

PHOTO HEAVY OR WHAAAAAT?! and i've got more too come tomorrow, i'm sure that pleases you guys alot :|. i dno, do you guys like abit of a visual diary or not? I know its been abit of a regular thing for me at the moment but its only because i've actually had plans for once! normal outfit posts will be returning tuesday/wednesdayish. 
soooo, i stayed in Manchester for the night on Friday, i was watching Greg Holden, again and then because we love the particular street where it is that the venue he performs in is, we stayed over night to do some shopping the next day, all the shopping photos come tommorow. Basically, i'm gonna have abit of a rant about Greg now. I have never related so much to an artist in my life, his lyrics basically describe what i could never find the words to say myself. There not all songs about love and all that shit, but feeling like you have to prove yourself, not wanting to settle for things when you have bigger dreams, moving away and having to learn things all over again. I could honestly just sing this guys praises all day and i'm gonna, his voice, its insane, and its like no other artists i could name, he's ridiculously powerful and note perfect. If there's one thing i'd tell everyone to do if they get the chance is to go see him live, go. You don't have to know all his songs and all the words, he will literally just captivate you with his voice and lyrics. He's just too fucking talented, he is genuinely even better live aswell, how is that even possible?
Ok Georgia enough.  
Over to the fashion side of it all i bought this hat from H&M, it hasnt left my head yet, it goes with far too much! I have bought soooooo many long skirts at the moment, there all a pound at the charity shop i go too, and there are so many prints i've been snapping up. half of them don't fit but just belt them and your good to go! Also, this little lace thing i'm wearing in the first outfit is from H&M, i've wanted a lace bra thing to go under crop tops i've made too short for a while and this once is perfect, i reallllly didn't wanna wear a bra, its takes away from how pretty it actually is and you cant actually see through it that much but yeh, its a bit inappropriate, gonna have to get a skin coloured bra! 
before i finally shut myself up, i'd like to declare my love for Oldham Street Manchester and the Night and Day Cafe, if i could live just on the street and have no need to venture out of it and see the rest of this uninspiring, judgmental country, i would. I'm yet to go to Camden yet though i i've been told that could change everything!
ps, new blogger is ruining my life, i fucking hate it, i've had to re do this post 6 times!


kb said...

great pictures - love the outfit you look great x

meg lea said...

Those outfits are gorgeous Georgia <3

Madii said...

wow I love the toilets! Haha never thought I'd say that ;)xx
lovely outfits too

LuluTresors said...

tell me you stole those paisley drapes!!! <3

Lily Bee said...

Love those two outfits, you look amazing! :) x

Sarah said...

the skirt is lovely, and mmm jelly tots :)

Natalie Leung said...

loving the maxi skirt, now following :)


Yuka said...

ohh i love your first outfit! you look perfect.

and i totally agree with you on the new blogger thing! so annoying!