Tuesday, 29 May 2012

path to no where.

Cap - Boy London, Tshirt - Pop Boutique, Bag - Charity Shop, Creepers - Ebay, Necklaces - Ebay.

Yooooo (that felt appropriate to start off with seen as i'm feeling gangstaaaa for wearing this cap) i said i'd do this post with this cap a lonnnggg time ago but then i bought something else then another thing then another thing and before i new it, i had abandoned the poor thing. i'm a little bit in love with Boy London at the moment, i'm hoping Shaun buys the black cap so i can steal it off him. i have a patent black obey cap to show you guys too, sounds weird right? patent cap? but we like weird! speaking of weird, how fucking cool is this t shirt, tie dye with some like crazy alien thing on it, i got it from Pop Boutique when i was in Manchester, Shaun was kinda like rightttttttt, and what would you wear that with? pink socks and leopard creepers is the obvious answer of course. i love the colours in it, i want some more tie dye tshirts but seen as its 'on trend' now they've all shot up in price, grrrrrr. 
Feeling abit stuck in a rut at the moment, i hate college, it feels so pointless but everyone wants you to have further education qualifications behind you these days so its like i have to stick it out, even though its not even what i want to do anymore. money wise, i have it but it seems to just be disappearing, going into holidays when actually i've got a giant insurance payment coming to bite me on the ass soon then an MOT and all that stupid car shit. i hate hate HATE being skint because that means relying on other people and thats like my worst bloody nightmare. Its all making me not want to go New York so my money can be MY MONEY, how crazy is that, how could i not want to bloody go?! money ey, fucking bastard. so yes, its leaving me feeling all confused and annoyed, 'i'm 18 i've got plenty of time' yes ino thats what people will say but i wanna get on whatever path i'm supposed to be on NOW. Its one of them, i know where i wanna be i just don't know how to get there things. people say to me, what do you wanna do, i'm like, start my own clothing label and there like erm yehhhhh. cus yes, i know thats something alot of us wanna do and its that kind of, 'i wanna be a pilot', 'i wanna be a footballer' answer you give when your 5 but its what i want and i will do, i just don't have the tiniest clue how to yet. 

why am i even up? ... actually, i'll answer that, i'm supposed to be doing coursework, i haven't, it's in tommorow. yayyyy can't wait for the morning! :|
 au-revoir guys xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

But you've got all you know written on your skin

headband- made it mahhselfff, silver necklace -miss selfridge, elephant necklace - ebay, swimwear - vintage.

now heres something i wish were cool - high waist bikinis. i think they attempted to make a come this year when katy perry wore one but i haven't seem many around so i'm thinking maybe next year for this one. however, this kinda swimwear is from an era where wearing a skimpy excuse of a bikini and having a stick body wasn't cool. how good does that sound? if you ask me this kinda bikini is the most flattering, they show shape which is attractive, none of this bones shiz. now i am aware there not the best tan lines to have i like that it hides shit so who cares! 
ahhhhh i feel so exposed in this post, i'm sorry if i offend anyones eyes, i offend my own 99.9% of the time hahaha
i'll keep it short today and leave you with some photos of how its really done! 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

some boring old outfits and a bbq :)

i.m gonna start with the cupcakes :) they are by my aunty, shes amazing! this doesn't really showcase her talent as they were tester colour cupcakes she just through some icing on for the bbq we were having. But if you want to see some of her amazing creations then heres her facebook page 

so i had a bit of a go at head peices today, all tunnel vision inspired, how amazing are brit and madeline, those two girls never fail to amaze me with there outfits and there unreal jewelry and then they open this sick ass shop selling the most beautiful things ever with the coolest styling ever seen. 
the flower crown was abit of a pain with all the wire and shiz and took me quite a while but hard work pays off :)

so i'm having a giant case of style block at the moment, honestly i just cannot piece an outfit together.  for one i'm pale as hell and i'm trying to just sun bed to build a tan for holiday so i cant put any fake tan which is killing me because some outfits i really feel i need a tan for! 2, i can't bear my fringe already and 3, i have like no clothes, i've give up half my wardrobe for the vintage store and all my money is going into my holiday wardrobe. argh moan moan moan but its really annoying me, i keep seeing things that inspire me but i can't seem to style at all!! i hope this doesnt last long! i can't bear half the stuff i walk out the house in at the moment! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

second attemp

top - topshop, skirt - charity shop, bag - matalan, hat - poundland

i apoligise that i'm not gonna write anything substantial here, i did this post this morning, it magically disappeared, i can't get it back and its pissed me off. i wrote quite abit in it aswell, grrrrrrr, hate you blogger.
hope you all had a nice day!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

day to night to NEW FRIKKIN HAIR!

from top to bottom: top and skirt - charity shop, necklaces - miss selfridge, charity shop and diy, hat - h&m.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

imaginative juices are flowing.

shorts - DIY, shirt - charity shop, bag - matalan, hat - poundland
not sure how these ended up so dark and blurry - need to do some fiddling with the settings!

Friday, 4 May 2012

some questions for ya'll.

Top - Elle Mcphearson (don't ask) Skirt - Zara, Cross Necklace - Wavy Jewelery, Belt - Mums, Creepers - Ebay.

soooo i posted this boring little outfit i've gots on simply as a starter for the help i need off you all. i need to ask some questions, hand out some thank yous and tell you some obsessions of mine at the moment. soooooo, first of all i'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the beautiful ladies that are Daisy and Chelsea for featuring me on there blogs, it made me very happy! seen as i'm really not technical, god knows if it even is, but i don't no how to link there blogs to there names for you guys to click on, so here are these two sexy's blog links incase you havn't already seen them, which you probably have!
secondly, i need you guys advice on cameras, i would really appreciate anything you could tell me on a camera which i could get, i just want a decent dslr, not too complicated, takes good photos and not TOO EXPENSIVE! seriously im a poor student so its gonna have to be a second hander anyway, so what do you guys use or what do you suggest? 
ok also, can somebody, anybody!! tell me where i can get lace flares from!! black or white! i just want some baaaadddd. 
fourthly, ino this is random but if you guys no any Australian bloggers could you tweet or leave a comment with there links in for me please, i'll explain why at a later date :)
i actually have alot more i was gonna ask in here but now that i've wrote some i think i'll save it for my next post otherwise nobodys gonna reply to me! but please please do because i need yo advice guys! 
one more favor though, my friends just started a blog on cupcakes, the bitch aint give me one yet but they look amazingggg! so check her out please! 
sorry ino i ramble, but i did let you off with a short post yesterday ;) 

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Jacket - Vintage store, Nirvana Vest - Ebay, Skirt - Topshop, Socks - Ebay, Creepers - Ebay.
so its not raining, its not freezing, its not exactly hot or sunny either but i dig this weather for photos!! i'm gonna start by explaining my title to this post. on my coat there's a French badge, on my shoes, there's the Great British flag, English flag whateverrrr, but assuming its Britain's, then me and my boyfriend decided that the best way to describe was as a Fritain. yeh, we had waaayyyyy to much time on our hands today. for the first time in a while i don't have anything to moan about. currently i'm watching easy A, i love this film, its distracting me from this post actually so i'm gonna go. thanks for lookinnnnn guys :) i'm gonna have to post tomorrow cus there's some stuff i need ya'll help with but actuallly neeeeeed to go so i can carry on watching! bye guys!! :)