Tuesday, 29 May 2012

path to no where.

Cap - Boy London, Tshirt - Pop Boutique, Bag - Charity Shop, Creepers - Ebay, Necklaces - Ebay.

Yooooo (that felt appropriate to start off with seen as i'm feeling gangstaaaa for wearing this cap) i said i'd do this post with this cap a lonnnggg time ago but then i bought something else then another thing then another thing and before i new it, i had abandoned the poor thing. i'm a little bit in love with Boy London at the moment, i'm hoping Shaun buys the black cap so i can steal it off him. i have a patent black obey cap to show you guys too, sounds weird right? patent cap? but we like weird! speaking of weird, how fucking cool is this t shirt, tie dye with some like crazy alien thing on it, i got it from Pop Boutique when i was in Manchester, Shaun was kinda like rightttttttt, and what would you wear that with? pink socks and leopard creepers is the obvious answer of course. i love the colours in it, i want some more tie dye tshirts but seen as its 'on trend' now they've all shot up in price, grrrrrr. 
Feeling abit stuck in a rut at the moment, i hate college, it feels so pointless but everyone wants you to have further education qualifications behind you these days so its like i have to stick it out, even though its not even what i want to do anymore. money wise, i have it but it seems to just be disappearing, going into holidays when actually i've got a giant insurance payment coming to bite me on the ass soon then an MOT and all that stupid car shit. i hate hate HATE being skint because that means relying on other people and thats like my worst bloody nightmare. Its all making me not want to go New York so my money can be MY MONEY, how crazy is that, how could i not want to bloody go?! money ey, fucking bastard. so yes, its leaving me feeling all confused and annoyed, 'i'm 18 i've got plenty of time' yes ino thats what people will say but i wanna get on whatever path i'm supposed to be on NOW. Its one of them, i know where i wanna be i just don't know how to get there things. people say to me, what do you wanna do, i'm like, start my own clothing label and there like erm yehhhhh. cus yes, i know thats something alot of us wanna do and its that kind of, 'i wanna be a pilot', 'i wanna be a footballer' answer you give when your 5 but its what i want and i will do, i just don't have the tiniest clue how to yet. 

why am i even up? ... actually, i'll answer that, i'm supposed to be doing coursework, i haven't, it's in tommorow. yayyyy can't wait for the morning! :|
 au-revoir guys xx


champagnediamond said...

I love the outfit! You are stunning


Leigh Travers said...

This is an amazing outfit! I wish I could pull off a cap like you :( I love the mis-mash of colours and prints!

I know it sounds stupid but it's best to stick out college at least until the end of this term so you complete a qualification, afterall you've come this far already! Then over the summer start looking for other courses, maybe even just evening courses that are more suited to what you want to do or can see yourself enjoying more. There's no point after all staying in something you absolutely hate. Hope things pick up for you ♥

Connie said...

Love this t-shirt!! and you look sooo amazingly cool in the cap! hope you're ok lovely. xxx

Stephaniejw said...

Oh i love this outfit you little beaut!

Car insurance is the absolute worst! Overall Maintaining a car is the worst.

I studied business at college for 2 years and hated it, now i study fashion and it isn't that bad.
Finishing and changing is the best way.

hope you finished your coursework :)

Helena said...

love this outfit! i love boy london too but everything i want is sold out, but asos is stocking it soon yay!
I was in the same sort of situation as you when i was at college in my second year and because I was so unsure of what to do I ended up staying for the third year to do some more courses and i'm so glad I did because it helped me to decide that I did want to do fashion and I did wanna do it at uni :)so maybe just hold it out for a bit and it might help you decide :) xx

Yasmin; said...

hope you get the coursework in!! love that cap, never heard of london boy before... definitely going to check it outtttt x

Identity Unknown said...

In love with your creepers!

follow me pleasee


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Rad shirt!

Daisy said...

I could never pull off anything like this :( but you look awesome :) xxx

maphi said...

such a great outfit you look amazing xoxo

Diamond Solitaire said...

Babe I love this look!! Especially the tshirt...

Shyla xx

@lea said...

i LOVE you and your blog! you're awesome!

i really think i should present you on my blog.


Teenage Dirtbag said...

you look amazing! x

Nini said...

i love your outfit