Friday, 10 August 2012

it's 20 minutes 'til showtime, but the backstage is the stage tonight.

 Dress - DIY charity shop, kimono - matalan DIY, bag - holiday, boots - ebay. 

i swear i've been on holiday, how is it actually possible to loose a tan so quickly, i wasn't even this pale before i went? not happy right now, the fake tan is coming out soon for definite. anywayyy, just so everyone knows, this kimono was black and white before i got washing happy when i come back off holiday and let it party in the washing machine a blue sock which it obviously got it on with and now its this kinda light bluey grey colour which i dont actually mind. also this was a caftan i just cut it down the middle and boom, kimono. 
so i was moaning in my last post that i dont like vinatgey looking things recently because of the awkward lengths and all that shit, well i've been getting rather scissor excited recently and decided to get rid of these lengths and now i like vintage again, good times. 
i'll go now, i ramble.
so longggggg! 

heres a cheesy photo of me to make everyone feel better about there lives.


Marlon d. said...

I love this Georgia... Your style is growing up! And this boots? Wonderfull!!

Sarah said...

loveee this outfit, your looks are always so quirky :)

Robyn said...

I loveee your boots! I love how your dress is DIY and so is your kimono! xx

Jazz Banks said...

You look amazing, I love everything about this outfit,
the kimono looks very cool and I love those boots- I have them and when I first got them never took them off haha


Emma Louise said...

Love your style. Great shoes!

Stephanie Woodcock said...

Such a lovely outfit, completely loving the kimono <3


H A N N A H ♥ said...

LOVE your boots - are they still available on ebay? I'm dying for a pair!
You look gorgeous. Love your style.


Chelsea Jade said...

Gorgeous outfit, so jeaous of your boots! I cant find a pair in size 7 anywhere! x