Tuesday, 28 August 2012

stop looking and you might find.

Top - Ebay, Skirt - American Apparal, Trainers - Nike, Bag - Vintage 

now this aint a post to be proud of, one of these kind of outfits that i find pretty boring and average but people still stare at me as if to say, did you honestly get dressed in complete fucking darkness? i think as known as it is in blogging and fashion world, people still have problems understanding camo. 
boring myself with my style big time lately! i seem to be embracing normalness then i catch up on blogging and instagram and i'm like what am i actually playing at! ive aquired a major love for nike air max's, what the fuck. chav shoes or whatttttt but if you dont already know about dope chef then make yourself aware cus there styling and clothing is insaneeeee and its definitely there fault as to why i know where them. annoying thing is, you can barely even see them? how is it possible that i now have a good camera and i still take shit photos? i have no idea how to use it though, help me :( 


Laila said...

I love the skirt, such a nice shape! And camo is always a winner, even if no one outside of blogs realises it ;)

Laila x

Riley Ellise said...

Such a cool outfit.


Abbie said...

i luuurve that skirt, such a cute round shape! also loving your top a lot LD xx

Abby said...

I actually love reading your blog posts, you make me piss myself haha (not literally :/) but I love the camo and think the Nike Air's look really good too! xx

Floral Danielle said...

This outfit is gorgeous!
I love the top and shoes :)

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H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

love this look - I'm a bit of a camo fiend myself... the dark lipstick & hair makes it.

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Amanda said...

I think your style is so dope! Not every can pull it off... I would love to try... And you there is nothing wrong with changing and also being tired of something =) Im sure you will find what you are looking for soon =)

Selena said...

amazing combo! I love this outfit you look so rad!