Wednesday, 14 November 2012

90's do.

Belt, Top, Jacket - Charity Shop, Shorts - H&M, Scrunchy - Poundshop, Boots - Ebay 

today, hair wise, I'm trying to embrace my inner spice girl/90's child. needless to say I'm obsessed with 80s/90s looks at the moment, if you follow me on twitter i often moan about wanting to be in the 90s again. platformed shoes, funky hair, crop tops, scrunchies and all that jazz makes me so happy. 

so here's one you've heard before, which i am genuinely going ahead with and have started properly working on is the online vintage store. i say vintage but its more bits of vintage and general second hand stuff i like as i know some people get all up in yo grill when you say vintage when its just your nans hand downs. anyway, when that's closer to opening and I'll let you all know! 


Identity Unknown said...

lovelovelovelovelovelovelove your jacket!!


Hola Bambi said...

hott stuff, amazing outfit x

lovelucie said...

aw i well want a scrunchie! such a cute look!

Riley Ellise said...

Love your outfit as per! x


Enwelle said...

i follow your blog <3

Jen said...

80s/90s obsessed too.
love the jacket.


Emily Alicia Mei said...

You have amazing style, love your blog xx

Milex said...

I might be in love with you

carelessly cut said...

In love with the jacket!

Rosie x

Holly Fewtrell said...

Happy New Year!!! So jealous of your hair and that outfit is perfect,love your blog, so I nominated you for this "Liebster Award" thing if you wanna check it out, its here