Wednesday, 7 November 2012

wanting what i can't have.

 Golf Wang Beanie - Ebay, Tie Dye T shirt - Made By A Friend  Waist Coat - Charity Shop, Denim Dungaree Dress - Topshop, Leopard Flatform Trainers - Office. 

sooo i did theses photos, then i realized how freezing it was outside so i ended up changing my bottom half then adding a layer and got my aunty to photograph it and then below happened!! 

Leggings - Primark, Platform Trainers - Ebay, Coat - Vintage. 

i apologize for the amount of photos in this post! my hairs ended up red, i bought like a bright orange dye but the bastard came out red, my roots are so bright! i really wanted to remain ginge but never trust the box! i should know this by now! however, this does remind me to ask, any beauty bloggers out there or people with generally over died hair like me, what the hell is a good product to recover it! its so dry and horrible at the moment and i don't know what to use, i'm useless when it comes to hair so any treatments and products you can suggest will be much appreciated!

I'm going to watch LA ink now and cry because i want a tattoo but i have no pain thresh hold. 


Hola Bambi said...

love the fur coat and the platforms! xx

Jazz Banks said...

ughhhh you look amazing as usual,
that waist coat is soso cool!

Jazz Banks said...

ughhhh you look amazing as usual,
that waist coat is soso cool!

Barbara said...

I absolutely love all the colors of your hair! You look beautiful!

lovelucie said...

heyy love the outfit! i have bright blonde hair and am always trying to find something to make it happier, i tried the philip kingsley elasticiser but I didn't feel that it did much for me but it has some great reviews. Also a randomer sent a redken soft conditioner to my house by accident (i kept it obviously....) and that has definitely made my hair a lot softer and nicer. Hope that has helped!!!


Fowzee said...

I love the outfit the coat is amazing,


Enwelle said...

you look so cool, love xx

Alice Barton said...

Just found your blog and I am loving your style! this outfir look great!
Happy to be your newest follower!! xx
pls, turn the word verification off, it's a real pain...
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

sys said...

in love with that jacket!!!