Monday, 26 March 2012

the professor kimono

long kimono-charity shop, t-shirt - Ebay vintage store, shorts - DIY american apparal, ring and necklaces - Ebay, creepers -Ebay

ahhhh dear, i really don't dig these photos, i don't no what it is or if you guys ever get this to but i just don't feel like i look like myself at the moment?! weird ino, but i really don't like it! strange stuff.
anywayssss, thanks to everyone who took the time to read my last blog post and commented aswell i really appreciate it guys!
so i won't bore you with all the details but dealing with some annoying shit right now, which actually comes into play with what i was talking about in my last blog post, because honestly, if the internet didn't exist and the human to human communication walls were down or even existent in the first place then all of this could of been prevented.
about this outfit then, i got this tie dye t-shirt off ebay, its like a nasa one or something and next to the heart and peace sign there's and astronought but my hair covers it, i hacked off the sleeves too. speaking of hacking, my boyfriend but me these american apparel shorts for something stupid like £48 for me to then cut them up, rip them, draw in marker pen on them and glue leopard crosses too. i think he's impressed?
i've always wanted one of these long kimono things but didn't have a clue where to get one then on one of my regular charity shop visits i stumbled across this one for a pound!

i'm gonna be quiet now because i keep miss typing things cus i'm tired, (the next two day sales really is a killer)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

warning: picture overload dollsss

Dress - chairty shop, sunlgasses - primark, creepers - ebay, necklaces and rings - Ebay

i'll start with an apologie, so, sorry for overloading you guys with so many photos. hope you accept it :)

so i'm looking abit of a rainbow today, but i likes it, this is another one of my £1.50 dresses from a charity shop. to be particular with the charity shop, i go to the hospice, like most days, i just cant help it! its huge and i go past it on the way to college and its not often you can go into a shop with 4 quid in your purse and come out with loads! the amount i spend in there is becoming ridiculous though, my wardrobe is bursting! i don't no where this long dress obsession has come from, a few months ago i lived in shorts which would make it winter but honestly i did, just shorts and tights no matter what, i wouldnt even consider a maxi dress, i really hated them. but iv'e turned over a new leaf and now i'm probably pissin you guys off with the 3 i've worn in the past 4 post, i only have one more left to show you all dont worry!

so for any of you that didn't know which i'm sure most of you do, #fbloggers started last night, how amazing is that! i'd been hoping for this hashtag because i'm not good with all this beauty shit and i love seeing new fashion blogs, and the best thing is, its a twice weekly chat! yayyy for fashion bloggers! (sad i no)

i'm feeling cheery today, next are paying me a early which is tomorrow instead of Monday because we go into sale this weekend and they let us have out money so we can buy things in it. i literally have £3.20 to my name so this is fantastic news for me. i can tell everyone is sharing my excitment? :|

i'm gonna go, but can i just say i love you all, fashion bloggers are rapidly becoming my favorite kind of people, i swear i am not as nice to anybody round here than i am to all you guys! i just loves ya's! yous make me happy!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

the only thing white about these photos is my bodayy

Denim Jacket - GAP(charity shop), Dress - Next, Sunglasses - Primark, Creepers - Ebay, Silver Necklaces - Wavy Jewelry, Rings - All Ebay, Cross Neclace - Topshop, Other Necklaces - DIY Ebay, Belt - The Mother's

yay yay yayyy! no underlining today! god knows why it was being a bastard to me yesterday!
anyway, how are all the earthlings out there doing? i'm cold, i've just been stood outside in this vest maxi dress freezing my balls off! what do you guys think of the dress? ino ino its nothing specail but its a liiitttllleee bit long for me because its a tall so can't work out if it just looks to big but it was reduced to £3 so i wasn't gonna say no! i've been to college this morning, as usual iv'e had some right funny looks, to be honest i don't get the problem, theyv'e been reallly shitty ones today, i'm like iv'e worn more outrageous things than a bloody black maxi dress?! i really don't think people like creepers round here though, well i no they don't, people look at me in disgust, i find it funny. maybe its the hair, i don't know but i sure as hell don't care. i really do hate were i live, so so so so sooooo much! if you follow me on twitter you may see that i often state this and ask for somebody somewhere to just come and relocate me. moan moan moan, god i don't shut up do i?!

anyway, i updated my about me page, i don't know if anybody's ever read it because in all honesty i had forgot about it myself but yeh, its gots some new shiz in there. check it out if you wanna :)

swear guys i'm gonna stop rambling in a minute but just 1 more thing, and i don't mean to be rude because i appreciate all the amazing comments people leave me, they really do make me happy! but i'm not into this whole if you look at my blog and follow me then i'll follow you back. maybe its just me, but if i like a blog, i like it, so i follow it and i wouldn't only start to follow it if they were gonna follow me back. i want people to follow me because they like looking on here and i think that if you only wanna follow me to get a follow back then you obviously don't care about seeing my posts? am i right? am i wrong? god knows, thats just the way i feel. ahhh i really don't wanna seem shitty about this but i just don't dig the whole sitch!

sorry that this outfit is boring today, i was in a rush to get to college on time (i was still late) and now i'm in a rush to get to work!

i'm gonna shut up, somebody sellotape me.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

about time!

Top - River Island, Cross Necklaces - Asos, Skirt - Romwe, Creepers - Ebay

hey guys, i'm sorry i've been blog neglectful over the past three days, i was in work saturday and sunday and both days ended up being extended because loads of people rang in sick. more money for meeee! anyway, i didnt get to go out on saturday night like i said i wanted to in the below post, i was bailed on and it came as no fucking surprise. i've been struggling to get photos within daylight hours so i think i'm gonna start just doing them outside at night as well because with work and college i just dont get time in the day to take pictures.

so if i'm honest with your guys i'm pretty disappointed with these photos! the reason being is because i have no eyelashes on! i live in eyelashes and i feel naked without them, i havent had chance to go get some more and i'm hating life without them! also, i'm as pale as anything and my skins gone shit over the weekend, awww man what happening to me!? shut up moaning georgia.

HOWEVER, look at this skirt, i loves it! i'm actually not wearing anything from a charity shop today! i got this skirt off ROMWE, if you ask me not enough people in the UK are aware of this website and with free shipping we bloody need to be, maybe i'm lieing but ino nobody round here knows it exists. i was literally bouncing out of my seat when i seen this skirt, i have a galaxy print obsession but everything seems to be either too expensive or just tacky when it comes to this print so my god was i mad up when i seen this skirt for £21! there was another one with a mullet hem which was in my shopping basket too until i realized i'm completely skint and needed to be sensible.

i have a lot to do today, oh my god what is with this underline!? i dont no how to get it off it just stopped and now its terrorizing me again! what the helllll. right! as i say i have a lot to do i best be off!
byeeeeeeee xxx

Friday, 16 March 2012

still nothing witty or clever to say ...

Leather jacket - H&M, multiple cross and skull necklaces - Wavy Handmade Jewelry, Large cross necklace - Topshop, other necklaces - Ebay, dress - charity shop, hat - H&M, sunglasses - primark, same old creepers - Ebay

so dont be fooled guys this aint that topshop dress that we all look at and think yeh i quite fancy that then look at the label and go, £25 quid for a piece of basic grey material, thissss is actually from a charity shop (this is me, where else?) i got it for £1.50, you really cant go wrong! its originally from george at asda but as far as i know i'm thinkin its an oldy from there.

so once again i'm wearing my wavy jewelry, i like it alot ok? so any of you that didn't see my other post about the necklaces then you can get them here kate did some really nice tweets about me yesterday which i'm really greatful for as she give me some more lovely readers!

2 more things i wanna discuss :) what do you think of my hair, i loooooveesssss it! you may not but feel free to tell me and any other suggestions for future colours!

lastly, i wanna tell you how much i hate lookbook, i no i have the little link clicky thing on my blog but man that place has a tough crowd! 3 looks and 1 hype, i don't expect much i'm nothing special but hey its a little embarrassing! i can't compete with the people on there anyway! i have a shitty camera that runs on batterys which is my grandads old one, MY GRANDDADS! (this is my own fault i've broke 3 previously owned ones) i attemp to use photoshop to make them look half decent but really i don't no how to work it, i don't have glorious settings to shoot my photos and i'm still trying to figure out how to do a decent full length shot as i reallllllly hate full body shots of myself, things look out of proportion and shit. soo for now i've give up, i was only carrying on so that maybe a few more people would take a look on here but i cannot be arseddd with it!

so i'm gonna try do a post tommorow but i'm working awkward hours and then i wanna get rather drunk for st patricks day :)

i never have anything exciting to put here

velvet shirt - charity shop, stripe skirt - Kharise Francis, scarf belt - charity shop, tights - next, creepers - Ebay

hey ya'll this is the first of the two outfit post i'm doing today because i didn't do one on Thursday and this is what i actually wore on Thursday so i wanted to show you all! once again most of it from charity shops but i bought this skirt of a designer called Kharise Francis when i was at the clothes show, shes one cool looking soul herself and i loved this skirt when i seen it and it was the last day which is when things get reduced so it was only £8! when i first got to her stall and was looking round i was attracted to the jumper she has marker penned herself with one sayin M is for murder which i thought was funkayyy.

anyway, can you see what i've done to my hair? i platted it as to not give to much away in this post but in the next one you will see the colorfulness of it! i hope you like it, i do!
bye for now!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

cross's, snake print and tartan, all in a good days work.

Snake Leggings - Vintage, Blazer - Charity Shop, Velvet Shirt - Charity Shop, Creepers as per - Ebay, Skull and Cross Necklaces - Wavy Jewelry

i'm very sorry about this poorness of these photos! I've just got back from college and I've got an hour before i'm in work so i tried to take a few snaps and upload them before i have to go but really there absolute shit. however i was just far to excited to show you guys my new jewelry from Wavy Handmade Jewelry, how cool are these necklaces! i had been searching for a multiple cross necklace and was made up when i got these! Wavy's jewelry is all handmade by Kate and she does a mighty find job! i'm just balls at showing you in these photos! the packaging is also so cute! anyway thanks Kate! and check out all her other items, you no you wanna!

i didn't post yesterday so i'm gonna be doing two tomorrow, hopefully better than this as i have a full day off! yay! i'll probably be wearing these necklaces again tomorrow too so keep your eyes peeled for some better shots of them!

ps, i'm a charity shop freak can ya tellll?
ewwwww i hate my hair with no extentions! just saying.

originally here was some photos of what i was wearing but i realllllllly hated them so i took them down, sorry guys!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

another dreary day...

Picnik Blanket Wrap - Next, Snow Leopard Bralet - Primark, Large Cross - Topshop, Other Crosses - EBay
Cross Earing - Yayer Leggings - Vintage, Creepers - Ebay

sooooo thee extentions are back! they look rather scruffy but i hadn't posted an outfit in TWO WHOLE DAYS! so i was trying to throw this all together this morning before my dreaded trip to the dentist, ahhh i fucking hate the dentist. the minute i got in there i was signing forms to say i was ok with having a filling which i certainly wasn't, i was almost crying once i'd signed it in fear as i have never had a filling before and my friend so kindly told me that they drill through your gums and teeth before i was going in. . . . they didn't, i had something tiny drill thing that just vibrated on my teeth and what looks like some white shit put over the top, no injections, no ruptured gums or anything! happy days! you all wanted to know about all that right?

so this picnik looking blanket looking thing i'm wearing i actually really love, its easy to throw on with leggings for trips to the dentist and stuff like that i got it from wear i work (next clearance) for 8quids which i was pretty pleased with! (there are some perks to that job) and speaking of bargains that little bralet i'm wearing was reduced to £3 in Primark not long ago so i had to have that too! sucker for a bargain i am!

anyway i must be goingggg! i have a date in the pub with a friend and i don't wanna wear this and it could take me a looongggg while to choose another outfit!

oh and by the way, when i sat down in that evil moving chair at the dentist the assisant said to me 'oh my god i love your shoes!' (my creepers) i almost passed out, never did i think somebody in the town would like those platform bastard of a shoe!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

you know my secret...

Hat - H&M, Necklaces - DIY & Topshop, Tshirt - Indie Cindy Manchester, Belt - Primark, Jeans - Topshop, Creepers - Ebay

soooo, if you hadn't already guessed from the last post then yes, my hair is really actually very short :( i hate the fact its so short i would do anything to have really long hair but i also have issues with dead ends and i get them i have them hacked off straight away however i have also been every colour under the sun in terms of hair colours so there's no chance with the amount of bleach my hairs seen that its gonna be long.

as you can see it was sooooooooooo windy when we were taking these and most of the photos are my hair blowing in my face but i put some of them on anyway!

if i'm honest i'm really not much of a jeans guy but i am in love with this t-shirt and it was just too cold to tuck into shorts. i got it from a little shop in this amazing part of Manchester where all the stores are like beyond cool, all the people that work there are amazing and different and creative! its just where i love to be! i think the lady makes all her tshirts and jacket and all other little cool things and found this gem for £6! usually the tshirts are like £18 and not even the woman working there could work out why it was so cheap but i wasnt complaining! there was other ones that say FUCK! and SLAG! printed onto tye dyed tops but i thought my mum wouldnt approve!

anywaysss, my weekend is boring to be honest, i am cat sitting for my mum while shes away for the weekend (i hate the cat) and i'm working till closing in my shop all weekend so yeh, fun times!

i'm rambling

that's better!

Fur Coat - Vintage, Tights - Next, Creepers - Ebay, Mesh&Lace Dress - Asos, Shirt - Charity shop, Shades - Primark, Necklaces - DIY and Topshop.

hi guysss! so this s actually my outfit post from yesterday but i was in work and then i ended up having a bottle a wine, before i new it i was drunk and out of complete sensibility i decided trying to post this outfit intoxicated might not be a good idea!

sooo, i was feeling abit shit about my photos and myself in general in my last post but with some nice comments of some fellow amazing bloggers i decided to shut the fuck up moaning and drag my boyfriend to Chester to take some photos in a nicer location than my garden! not that my garden isn't nice! by the time we actually got to Chester the sun had gone in and it was ridiculously windy, like i spent most of the time holding my hair out of my face. we ended up taking around 130 photos because Shaun thinks its funny to just take random ones when hes not even looking.

i'm not gonna ramble to much about my outfit today but i am gonna explain how this cute little dress came about, i was having a rummage round ebay and came something that i can't actually remember what and thought i would take a look at the sellers others items and found this, i loved it and it was only 3.99 with no bids on so i was planning on bidding on it when it was near the end, being me, i forgot, so i emailed the seller to see if i could do a buy it now and they did straight away for me. when i looked at the description on the item there was a link to a fashion blog and thats where i ended up laying eyes on Hannah May Rose, a very stylish vintage blogger from london. looking through her blog she was advertising the launch of her online vintage store called Trash, i advise you all to take a look theres some great peices on there! so anywayyyy, i wanna thank ya for the dress Hannah!

if you wanna check out her blog -
if you wanna spend some pennies -