Thursday, 14 June 2012

if i had something witty to say, i'd write it here.

top - ebay, skirt - charity shop, belt - next, backpack - charity shop, cross necklace - topshop, creepers - ebay. 
 i would say these photos aint bad for an iphone! better than some of the cameras ive had to put up with using anyway! but hopefully, as of tonight this is the last of the moaning about bad quality photos because Georgia's gettin a DSLR, courtesy of my uncle woooooo! he's got himself a new one so i'm getting his other one, so a massive thank you going out to the Bell household! i'm gonna have no idea how to work it but who cares!! so about this outfit, i've wanted something with flames on for ages, i'm obsessed by flames at the moment but they are proving hard to find, and i love Harley Davidson stuff then BAM, the two collided and i got my little weirdo hands on this! as for this skirt, i've been lusting after the one in h&m for a while, its longer and more sheer and a slightly different animal print and yes, its hev but being the bargain hunter i am i wasn't willing to pay £20whateverquid it was for it knowing that after some vintage rooting i would find one cheaper, and i did, in the form of 1 whole pound. 
speaking of vintage, i'm currently trying to tidy my room (not going well seen as i'm blogging) and i decided to start by putting all my vintage items i've been collecting into one bag instead of having it all sprawled across my room, turns out, its adds up to 4 bags and i had forgotton half the beauties i've found, i know alot of the stuff aint to alot of peoples taste but i love it all and i hope you guys do to. i really really really need to get my ass into gear for this store, i just have alot going on at the moment with moving out, finishing all my stuff off for college this year, the headband collection and my new job role, yes, Georgia is a now a supervisor! as i've said, i'm hoping maybe late next week for the headbands, and then, god, i don't even know for the store, i don't have a name, a model, or the time to shoot! why don't any of you sexy bloggers live next to me so i can get you all involved and dress you up! i think i'm gonna get a diary and start planning stuff in so then things i keep saying i wanna do, get planned in and then ACTUALLY HAPPEN. surprisingly i'm good at time keeping and organizing things, its getting off my ass to do those things i struggle with. motivational pills anyone? 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


beanie - ebay, bag - vintage, swimsuit - vintage, shorts - american apparel and mah DIY'in, nikes - from the boyf.

Now it really had been a while! i'm sorry for disappearing for so long but i can genuinely say this is the first actual outfit i have worn since my last post. i have been working loads and then i went to my auntys caravan so that consisted of uggs and all other mingin warm outfits. i have so so so sooo many blogs to catch up on so i'm sorry that i haven't been commenting or anything like that either! between working, college, the caravan and sleep, i've been working on my flower crowns, i hope people want one cus theyve been taking me for bloody ever! there rather big statement pieces, i wore one today and i got them 'alien' looks people tend to give me everyday anyway. i'm hoping to have them for sale by next week, i just wanna get them shot properly and all finished off. 
consdiering i've been away for a while i don't have too much to say....
so for once in my blogging life i'll shut up and go!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

i want you to save me.

maxi dress - next, necklaces - all ebay, feather earing - ebay, waistcoat - charity shop. 

yayyy a proper post! not fantastic as i was having a family BBQ and had to run outside to do these. so heres this favourite hairstyle ive been going on about, ridicccc easy! my hair like it again today, its just such a lazy style but i love it. i will have to post my outfit for what i was wearing today some time soon, i feel like i look really patriotic because nobody else in the pub iv'e been in was really in spirit but i'm not really. i'm not doing anything for the jubilee really, i wish i was but theres nothing much going on. boooo. 

what ya'll thinkin of the new jewelry, i'm pretty made up with it, especially the moon, I've been after a moon necklace forevverrrrrrr. i'd link it to you guys but i gots the last one, if its ever restocked i'll be sure to let youno. also, this jacket, well, i say jacket, it was but then i cut it because the shape wasn't too flattering, is one of my new loves too. pretty colours and pretty patterns, this is the kinda stuff i like pounce on when i see it in a chairty shop, a whole £1.50 it cost me. bank breakerrrr. 

well, i'll be off, i've got to get ready for something else now, i don't want to though because once again i have no night out clothes, sooo annoying, i'm wearing my creepers to a club and i don't care, i have no decent heels, i can never ever ever find dresses i like and heels make my legs look weird anyway so yeh, usual tramp look it is! 

one more thing, i also was told something today thats annoying me, its pretty harmless and theres always two sides but its one of those things where your like, oh right.