Wednesday, 21 November 2012

convince yourself otherwise

Skirt and Sheer Kimono - Charity Shop, Boots - Ebay, Crop Top - Asos, Cross Earrings - Primark, Necklaces - Ebay 

I'm stuck for words to write on here today, not too much is going on in my life at the moment because i've decided to go into hibernation for abit in order to save money! i'm spending most of my days lusting after things on the internet, my obsession for bitching and junkfood is ever growing aswell as my christmas list. Currently i'm trying to find an outfit for my works do in december but i've been on countless websites and i just cannot find anything! all the dresses look the same and all the other outfits i'd like to wear probably wouldn't be deemed apropriate. i like shorts and crop tops i just can't help it. 

bye for now :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

90's do.

Belt, Top, Jacket - Charity Shop, Shorts - H&M, Scrunchy - Poundshop, Boots - Ebay 

today, hair wise, I'm trying to embrace my inner spice girl/90's child. needless to say I'm obsessed with 80s/90s looks at the moment, if you follow me on twitter i often moan about wanting to be in the 90s again. platformed shoes, funky hair, crop tops, scrunchies and all that jazz makes me so happy. 

so here's one you've heard before, which i am genuinely going ahead with and have started properly working on is the online vintage store. i say vintage but its more bits of vintage and general second hand stuff i like as i know some people get all up in yo grill when you say vintage when its just your nans hand downs. anyway, when that's closer to opening and I'll let you all know! 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

wanting what i can't have.

 Golf Wang Beanie - Ebay, Tie Dye T shirt - Made By A Friend  Waist Coat - Charity Shop, Denim Dungaree Dress - Topshop, Leopard Flatform Trainers - Office. 

sooo i did theses photos, then i realized how freezing it was outside so i ended up changing my bottom half then adding a layer and got my aunty to photograph it and then below happened!! 

Leggings - Primark, Platform Trainers - Ebay, Coat - Vintage. 

i apologize for the amount of photos in this post! my hairs ended up red, i bought like a bright orange dye but the bastard came out red, my roots are so bright! i really wanted to remain ginge but never trust the box! i should know this by now! however, this does remind me to ask, any beauty bloggers out there or people with generally over died hair like me, what the hell is a good product to recover it! its so dry and horrible at the moment and i don't know what to use, i'm useless when it comes to hair so any treatments and products you can suggest will be much appreciated!

I'm going to watch LA ink now and cry because i want a tattoo but i have no pain thresh hold. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

platform anything.

 Shoes - Ebay, Bag & Jacket - Charity Shop, Cap - Only NY. 

hey look . . . its the side of my outfit! i am wearing a dress and a belt underneath this rather over-sized piece of denim but my front shots were all squinty and wind swept. gots mah legs out cus in the background the sun is actually shining, its still pretty fucking freezing but i'm going with it. hating on my wardrobe at the minute, i've been buying far too many shoes and hats and not enough clothes to go with them! however, gots me a pair of hellbound rip offs on the way (sorry unif, i love you but you hurt my bank) and 3 new beanies to cover my orange roots. in other news, i now have over 200 followers, which is like having an imaginary friend as your only mate to some bloggers but i'm getting there. 
anywaysssss, i wanna say thank you to Meg over at for featuring me as that deffo boosted me over that 200 mark. yoo allll gonna know who she is but if you don't shes fine and got some amazing style going on so check her out! 
bye ho's