Thursday, 3 January 2013


Beanie & Jumper - dimepiece, skirt - Charity shop, Creepers - Bitching and Junkfood x Underground.

How do people do it!! I started working full time in november and i literally have no chance to blog at all! plus my laptop broke and i had to wait till my birthday to get a new one so even if i had the time i couldn't anyway. My hours tend to be 1-8's or 10-6s, by 6 its pitch black and i can never be bothered to pull together and outfit and blog before trying to get to work at 1 then on my days off i'm just trying to catch up on everything else. Its been bugging me because i got some cool frikkin stuff for christmas and my birthday (boxing day) and i've been dying to blog it! My feet got seriously lucky! i got the beautys i'm wearing in the above photos, the patent oxblood bitching and junkfood x underground triple sole creepers and the aggy buckle docs. unfortunately for me i'm one of the people who got the faulty aggy boots and my zip broke the moment i put them on, fucking brilliant. i'm actually mortfied because i'm so in love with them and even though i paid (boyfriend paid) £150 for the bastards i still won't let go. anybody else that had this issue with them please advise me whether you can get them fixed somehow! so i'll finish on some new years resolutions, which is pointless because i have no will power to see things through but may aswell throw some out for fun:

  • blog more (i say this every post)
  • not change my hair colour from brown for a year so i dont constantly kill it and have to have it all cut. 
  • buy more tops.
  • buy less fur. 
  • set the vintage store up 
  • stick to my new years resolutions. 
apologies that the photos are such bad quality, it was getting dark out but i refuse to use my flash (major red eye issues)


Helena said...

Holy shit your hair looks friggin amazing georgia! Keep it like that forevz ♡ love this outfit!xx

Toots Lightbody said...

your hair is so cute! I love this outfit, so cute! xxx

Dakota said...

Wow, I love your hair!
Great jumper too

Mary Wright said...

I LOVE your hair! Your outfit is really cute too!

The Robyn Diaries said...

You look awesome! Fairly certain if you contact DM they'll sort you out as it is a very well known fault with those shoes! xxx

Jen said...

ALWAYS love your outfits.


Maya said...

Just dicovered your blog, you have great style! I love that jumper, following :) x

Caro said...

Love your style!
Amazing hair! :)

Follow you from now on! :)

Caro from Beauty Hunting

Coline Chavaroche said...

Perfect outfit !


Coline !

Gemma Talbot said...

Love your jumper and your hair is amazing! Xx

The Almighty Fashionista said...

Love , love this look! You look fabbylicious!! Can't wait for your vintage store to be set up :-) xxx

Georgia Benjamin said...

Totally in love with Dimepiece!
Great look!
And your hair looks amazing!!
Love G xx

sys said...

this outfit is sick!!