Tuesday, 26 February 2013

double plaid.

Jacket - Tripp NYC, Polo Neck - Asos, Shorts - Bitching & Junkfood, Bag - Charity Shop, Shoes - Office.

I've been after this jacket for sooooo long! and now its mine! and i'm in love with it! i love Tripp NYC jeans and jackets there amazing! got another one on the way but its making its journey from America so god knows when it will arrive. My shorts are from the loves of my life, Bitching and Junkfood, its a joke how much i worship there stuff! i don't love many UK brands but these guys never fail to make the most amazing stuff!

I got home from skiing on Saturday night, then i was straight in work sunday morning which was like a punch in the face. feels like i never went already but it was amazing! i really really really wanna do a ski season i just have no idea how to get into seen as its the same returning workers every year. I wanna try boarding soon, i love snow fashion its so cool! i did take some rubbish iphone photos of what i wore out there but there pretty boring as i was just trying to keep warm so i don't know whether to post them yet!

I'll blog some more this week, bye for now :)


Toots Lightbody said...

aaah that jacket is so amazing!! i don't think I could resist not getting a matching skirt or something and having a Clueless-inspired outfit haha!! x

Stephanie Woodcock said...

You look great! I love the shorts and the jacket. Wonderful

Megan Ellaby said...

absolutely love your jacket!
following you!

Leisha said...

cute outfit! xxxx

Tara McGovern said...

Ughhhhh been after this jacket forever! Great styling xxx

Megan Lillie said...

Hope you had an amazing time, I wish I could ski! The jacket is totes amazing.
Megan xxx

sys said...

why are u so cool?!!?