Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Shirt - Charity Shop
T - Unif
Shorts - Me
Earings - Asos
Shoes - Bitching and Junkfood

I'm feeling so lazy with the way i dress at the moment, i'm sick of the effort of layering because English weather is absolute shit. It's all exciting for abit, when winter comes in after you've worn every t-shirt and shorts combo you have over summer, thats when layering seems fun but winter lasts way to long! In other news, Topshop emailed me this morning, with there latest trends. My first thought was, fuck off. I hate Topshop, i do buy the occasional thing from there but the experience of it all is always horrible and its so overpriced for what it is. The only place i would ever look to find out the latest trends is at a blog, because that trends probably been circulating in the blogging world long before Topshop emails me. I'm not sure why i'm feeling so bothered by this today, but i am. The last thing i have to say is these are my fave shorts everrrrr, because they cost me 1 whole pound. They were an ugly pair of mom jeans (not the good kind) so i cut them all up and they for once actually turned out exactly how i wanted! Sadly they've got abit tighter on me since last summer, I blame my boyfreind for introducing me to garlic mayo and pizza together. I'm trying to eat healthier and abit less but then i had galaxy counters for breakfast this morning. Someone motivate me pleaseeeee.

My hair is huge, i don't no why.


lolakate said...

i love those shorts and garlic mayo and pizza is the best...especially dominos!!! x

Leisha said...

love the outfit! you look great!
garlic mayo + pizza = best combo ever so good!

Lavinya Royes said...

lol this post made me smile cos it was so honest. sorry your having a blah day! we all have them so don't worry. and your hair looks great i love the messy bun look wish i could do it and I'm jel over your shorts! love the shirts too! feel better soon x BRING ON SUMMER!

Roxii said...

You can pull off any style and look amazing. I'm so jealous!!

Hanna Hart said...

really love your hair in these photos! T-shirt is amazing too!
lotta love - your newest follower :)

Hola Bambi said...

You look soo good! Amazing style xx

Alethia said...

Love this! I think sometimes somehow the lazy days are the best days. The outfits tend to come out effortlessly amazing haha. Your top is amazing! X

Floral Danielle said...

The shorts are lovely!
I love this outfit :)

Skin and Roses said...

Love this outfit! You do the grunge look so well.

Kate said...

Love this! Those shorts are amazing! x


If this is lazy then i'm jealous. You are just so freaking fab and cute! Everyone at Bitching loves you xx

laurensibs said...

Your style is so cool