Thursday, 11 April 2013


Some stuffs i want, that i can't have right now because i'm skint.
I can't outfit post cus the weather rubbish! plus i refuse to put make up, i'll try tomorrow though :)
Oh, and those bikini tops were destined to be in my life, we will get married when i finally own them.
Ps, my collage making is shit.


Jessica said...

where is the alien bra from? it's amazeee x

Sara Louise. said...

YEAH Waiste jacket! Love EVERYTHING here too, I'm on a massive shopping ban :( x

The Robyn Diaries said...

perfect montage!!! x

AlittlebitUnique said...

Those shorts are seriously amazing

A little bit Unique


Zandra May said...

all this stuff is sooo cool! wish money grew on trees :( x

Coco Deville said...

I love all the items on your wish lost. The Bitching and Junkfood yellow cut offs are on mine too :) I have ticked the Jeffrey Campbell's off. Best boots ever. You will absolutely love them.

Lauren Gentles said...

My coltranes came in the post today, literally over the moon! Awesome wish list :)

Lauren xx

CAGECITY said...

We are loving your wish list here at CAGECITY especially that bikini have you checked out our top here Your blog is wicked check us out sometime.

Much love from the CAGECITY crew! xx