Thursday, 18 April 2013


Bag - Unif
Tie Dye T - Unif
Jersey - SikSilk
Playsuit - SPS
CK T - Unif
Crop Top - Cobra Snake
Sandals - Dr Martens
Jumper - Wildfox
Necklace - Kill Star
Dress - Unif
T Shirt - Drop Dead

I want so much stuff permanently that i think i'm just gonna make these all the time, you'll get bored of them soon if not already but i made this one a few nights ago and already i'm working on the next one because i've seen ever more i want! seriously though, Unif, seriously, just, ahhhhhhhh why do you make everything so perfect!


Helena said...

Omg georgia I literally wanna cry over the unif psych out dress I need it SO bad. Perfect festival attire xx

Sarah // FASHION DOTTY said...

OMG the crochet dress... actually dying. I can see you me Helena and Sara all wanting that!!

farrah said...

unif will leave me broke one day i swear

Hanna Hart said...

wow I want all of this!

Jacky said...

your style is gorgeous! I'm following <3

Kelly Lelly said...

I love your blog, you are so pretty!
I love your look and your style...

Kelly ||

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