Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lets all just take a moment to appreciate this.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Do Lazy Oaf collections come much better than this? I'm sure most of you have already seen it and i've never felt the need to post a lookbook before but JEEZ I just love everything. Dieingggggg for this to hurry up onto the Nasty Gal site. I'm in love with the black dress with the cut of flowers, gonna marry it.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

got my strange ribs out again.

Shorts and top - Ebay
Shoes - Ebay
Necklace - Ebay & Primark

i'm in looooooove with these shorts and crop top, it really annoys me that you cant see the cute floral pattern on the photos but i assure you, it exists. This is what i wore for a really shit night out i went on last night, most of this outfit is covered in rose wine now. I'll be wearing it casual too so i'll be sure to do it in better lighting! I did the first few on my camera and the others on my ipad, none turned out well which is disappointing but oh well! I feel sorry for myself today, I've been in work, Thursday till 8:15, Friday till 8:15, Saturday till 7:15, straight out, home at 4:30 then work on a Sunday (should be illegal) at 10 and my feet feel like there gonna die and I'm back in on bastard bank holiday tomorrow! However, thats nothing really is it, i feel like i have no right to moan with some of the horrible things going on in the world at the moment, god i hate people, whats wrong with humanity. I like things simple, i like to just get on with life, its too fucking short but most people don't see it like this which is why i don't have time for the majority of the human race. I feel preachy but with every day at the moment i just realise more and more that you should surround yourself with people who make you happy, not people who bring you down, you really do just have to live your life not moan about it. I would describe myself as a complete arsehole most of the time, but i don't care, i'm not a people pleaser and i just couldn't care less whether somebody likes me or not or what there opinion is on me unless i care about them. I dress weird, i find myself hilarious, i eat insane amounts of pizza, i have absolutely no filter and my legs are peeling at the moment, but if you don't like me for all this then i really don't mind. That's it really, i don't no if people like it when bloggers write stuff like this but i actually have something to say today not just, i bought this then went to the charity shop and i love this brand at the moment bla bla blaaaaaaaaa.


Friday, 17 May 2013


Choker - Ebay
Tights - URB
Dress - Charity Shop
Boots - Dr Marten
Necklaces - Assorted

Don't you just hate it when your dress has a bright pattern on but your camera makes it look basically white, I DO! It was literally only this morning that i was moaning on twitter saying i hate everything i own so i can't blog at the moment, and seconds after that i got in my car and went the charity shop and ended up with this dress, it was long so i cut it but i love this oversize smock dress thing thats in at the moment. I used to get amazing stuff at the charity shops and i find basically nothing now, i go in and come out empty handed, everythings like shit plain vest tops and stuff, WHERE ARE THE PATTERNS!? the granny stuff does appeal to some people you know charity shop workers! I don't know when i'll next post again, i still hate everything i own but the stuff i do like is away for Glastooooo, how excited am i!! i'm going to the pub tonight so i'm like, do i, don't i where these tights? people just don't get them, there like how is that on your legs? and i hate it when people talk to me let alone ask me questions so they might have to go a miss. sorry tights.