Thursday, 7 November 2013

Green Hur.

Bra - H&M
Phone Case - Ebay
Hair Colour - Crazy Colours

No outfit, just hair, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then this is old news but I want you guys to see before it goes, as much as i love it i just cannot cope with not having extensions and its just to many colours to try and get a match for. Honestly, i want to blog more but i genuinely do not get the time. If it wasn't so bloody dark so early that would be helpful. Plus, i see how much other bloggers have come along these days and i just can't cope, honest to god my styles on its ass. Right now my hair smells good though, always a plus.


Sarah // DOTTY said...

Dark green hair is mint, did you just put it over your dark hair? Mine's been stained blue by Bleach London.

I hear ya about blogging.. no time, too dark/cold, & not really sure why I bother as it's getting nowehere. Roll on summer.

lovelucie said...

Your hair looks cuuuute without extensions but I totally get where you're coming from! Xxx

farrah said...

I do really like your hair this length and colour though!

Katarina | DARE 2 WEAR said...

Awesome hair! ^^

Wanna follow each other? :)

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Jennifer Noir said...

LOVEEE it, so unique!!!

Rhea Dillon said...

Love your festival style and this hair looks so cool on you!

Sibylla said...

Nice post!!
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Nice top :)
Maria V.