Monday, 3 June 2013

Holiday Wants.

Pizzagram Tank - Unif at Miss KL
Minkpink Kaleidiscope Dress - Asos
MKL Collective Set - Miss KL
Cut Out Dress - Lazy Oaf at Nasty Gal
Printed Overalls - SPSBoutique
Water Melon Set - Lazy Oaf at Nasty Gal
Beck Dress - Ragged Priest
Minpink Patchwork Dress - Asos

This is ideally what i want my wardrobe to look like before i go to Cyprus. The only thing that i own, which is still on its way is the Beck Dress by Ragged Priest. I've already declared my love for the Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal cut out dress which will be mine, one day, but that watermelon set is calling me more and more everyday! It's just too cute and made for a holiday! As for the Minkpink smock dresses, i would wear probably every day even after holiday so deffo gonna have to invest on payday. The Unif Pizzagram tank, i just find fucking amazing, pizza is my life so i reckon this was made for me. And lastly, an explanation on the printed overalls by SPSBoutique, i envision them with this pair of sandals i bought, and i hate sandals but i realize i need at least 1 pair for holiday and this is the only thing i actually wanna pair them with plus i think there cutttteee. If i owned all this then i might actually wanna go on holiday, but because i don't i'm getting very stressed because its fast approaching, i'm skint and i can't afford all this even when i am paid. AHHH stressful times, why must you all be so expensive and from everywhere bar England. And one more thing, last year when i was away i just lived in trainers, Eliza Doolittle was and still is a style icon to me so i was going for that vibe for now i hate myself in trainers so i just do not no what to do, i like Dr Martens chunky sandals but i still only see all these outfits with my Aggy Strap boots and i just don't no if my feet could handle them alllllllll night long in that heat. Help  :(